SAP HANA Training in Hyderabad


Avail a comprehensive advantage for not just your use but for your entire team, with our much-awaited SAP HANA training, at XYZ Company. We are globally recognized for our training certifications, available in both online and offline courses. The certifications are proved of your expert skill set through rigorous types of studies and direct experience in your chosen expertise area. Whether you are holding the post of an SAP partner or being a customer, we are ready to offer you with certificate training, recognized not just nationally, but on an international scale, as well.

For the professional certification:

Now, the SAP HANA Training in Hyderabad is divided under various courses, depending on the present success rates. moreover, some courses are meant only for the novices, where else; there are other courses, noted for professional certificate holders. For the latter option, you need to have an expert skill set in project experience and do not have to sit for the new exam. The primary aim of our company is to show your highest level of competency, and on favorable SAP areas. For being a part of this program, you need to:

  • Be a partner of SAP success factors, or an SAP consultant
  • Have experienced associate certification, under your name
  • You need to play the role of lead consultant and support consulting, as other value-added option

Duration of the said course:

Whenever you are willing to enroll your name for Online SAP HANA training, you need to be acquainted with the course duration or time. for general instances, the course will not take more than 8 hours of your time. The courses are placed under flexible modules. It depends on the available topic and the package you have chosen. You are asked to follow the important sequence of this course and not go by some random chapters.

Complete the available exercises, as mentioned at the end of various units. These are quite important and make the entire learning procedure stick. In case, you are willing to face any problem or want to solve any query regarding SAP HANA training in Ameerpet, make sure to get in touch with professionals on an immediate font. The courses are based on the present version of SAP HANA.

Course overview:

The courses, based on SAP HANA training online, are likely to be divided under various categories. These procedures are based on different sections, and some of the most promising ones are listed below:

Introductory note to the SAP HANA:

  • This course mainly deals with SAP HANA overview and reasons to choose the best SAP HANA option
  • You will get acquainted with hardware partners, as placed under SAP HANA and with specialized HANA landscape
  • Avail free accessibility to the present SAP HANA server
  • There are separate exercises and quizzes, meant for this particular section of SAP NANA introductory note

SAP HANA Architecture:

  • This part of reliable SAP HANA online training in Hyderabad mainly deals with the SAP HANA architecture structure along with the architectural overview
  • Come to know more about column store and row store as some of the reliable platforms
  • Avail promising backup plan and recovery sources for SAP HANA

SAP HANA Studio:

  • This segment comprises of the overall view of the SAP HANA Studio segment
  • Ways to install and download the studio segment through SAP HANA training institutes in Hyderabad, for additional help
  • Addition of HANA system in the available SAP HANA studio
  • Different perspectives as related to SAP HANA studio

SAP HANA Modeling:

  • This is considered to be widest course segment when compared with other names, starting with modeling introduction.
  • It also comprises of star scheme and measures and attributes in SAP HANA
  • Working with the available tables and comprehensive attribute views
  • Build the present attribute view and with relevant analytical view overview
  • Get the chance to build first analytic view and present your first and very own calculative view
  • Build your first graphical calculation view and you’re first ever scripted calculative view
  • For the last step, you will come across modeler perspective revisited, as another significant end of this course module

Reporting on the presented SAP HANA:

  • Defined as the last part of SAP HANA Administration training, this module starts with reporting on the available SAP HANA with an overview
  • Proficient use of excel for reporting on the SAP HANA, and with next supportive modules

Each of the modules comprises of quizzes and exercises. Whether you are looking for SAP HANA reporting to modeling structure, options are practically limitless. Get acquainted with our online segment first, and start working on the available administrative rules like never before.

Basic output on modeling courses:

Apart from the points mentioned above, there is some basic modeling structure as availed as basic modeling. Listed below, are some of the important courses, as placed by SAP HANA training Hyderabad, without making a fuss.

  • Modeling overview and terminology
  • SAP HANA studio related features and overview of information modeler
  • Configuration and installation of HANA studio
  • Prerequisites for the modeling forum and modeling considerations
  • Levels of Modeling with attribute views and analytic views
  • Modeling joins and different between class filters and constraint filters
  • Studio previews¬† on HANA with cautions and impact on present query execution
  • Demo modeling of SAP HANA with troubleshooting of the available modeling issues
  • Import and export models

SAP HANA training duration:

Depending on the flexible needs of customers, there are various classes waiting for you. the classes is primarily divided under three basic modules and those are regular classes, weekend training classes, and fast track training program. Regular classes are likely to take place for three times, morning, day and evening. Weekend classes are held on holidays, Sundays and Saturdays

The last and final fast track classes from best SAP HANA training in Hyderabad institution is for those people, who have been associated with work and do not have quality time for spending in SAP training. This class duration is for 15 days, within which, the courses will get completed. You have to undergo this training with more than 5 hours of daily learning. Only trained and experienced SAP HANA Trainers are waiting for help.