Improve Dexterity Of Data Visualization With QlikView Training In Hyderabad

In the arena of Data Science and Analytics, data visualization is integral for businesses and corporates. Now, businesses are in need of professionals with proficiency in data visualization and adept in communicating the same. QlikView is one of the best new generation data visualization and Business Intelligence software. It provides a platform of transforming data to vital information. Across the globe, many noted organizations now rely on this tool to consolidate, visually analyze and search data to get insight for businesses. The simplicity of this instrument has lured companies to opt for it. To gain business insights with this software you can rely on us,  for QlikView training in Hyderabad.

Improve decision-making process

Decision making of enterprises depends on the accessibility of accurate information. Adequate knowledge of this software helps professionals to make fast queries without dealing with the different hierarchies and structure as with various tools. You can deploy it quick and easy to learn. In case, you want to improve the dexterity of data visualization then choose us, one of the best in this arena. We have a systematic and structured approach to training that aims at providing adequate knowledge to professionals. With our training, analysis of data and obtaining insight into business will be easy.

Expected outcome of QlikView training 

The aim of this training is to improve business analytics. The curriculum of training programs comprises of fundamentals and advanced topics. Over the years, we have turned out to be one of the best pioneer QlikView training institutes in Hyderabad. With this training, few outcomes that you can expect are

  • Participants will gain real-time application of this software through different projects
  • Hands on experience of dealing with data modeling
  • You will gain knowledge of chart level and script level functions
  • Gain an insight of design techniques and different shortcuts that will help you to take less time in area of work
  • Dexterity to publish documents on server and access it

Prerequisites for enrolling

Only authorized training institutes can conduct these courses. You can opt for classroom or online training programs depending on your need. Trainers are skilled, have practical experience and are a specialist in this arena. You can pursue this training with basic knowledge level in SQL. Designers, developers, and Power end-users can opt for this training program. This will help professionals dealing with data visualization. Both the pros and novices can enroll this training program.

Emphasis area of curriculum

It is job-oriented course, and we aim at providing placement assistance to different organizations. What makes us stand apart from others emphasize on hands-on training and various demonstrations by experts. Designer of the curriculum have profound experience in this arena, and the curriculum aims at taking a student to a next level altogether. Focus of this QlikView training program is on

  • The design of user interface and for this, experts impart knowledge on best practices, design, layout, and reports.
  • Participants will learn the methods of modifying and adding objects like gauges, multidimensional tables, and charts.
  • You will receive a comprehensive knowledge of the software and its uses.

A glimpse of contents

Duration of training depends on the course that you have opted. The curriculum of our training course comprises of both basic and advanced topic. Whether you choose classroom or QlikView online training, there is scope for both didactic and theoretical classes. Irrespective of the variant that you choose, topics covered are

  • Basics of data warehousing
  • Introduction of QlickView
  • Data loading with QlickView
  • Scripting and functions
  • Data structure
  • Design Concepts
  • Different sheet objects- table box, list box, bar chart in QuickView
  • Server Components
  • Security Overview

A comprehensive approach

In these courses, trainers assess participants at regular intervals. Through different innovative methods, they aim at a continuous improvement of participants. The comprehensive approach of our training programs provides leverage to professionals and help them to perform well in respective fields. One-to-one interaction between our experts and participants is an important aspect of our training program. Our expert will help you with real time scenarios, examples and sample data that will help you to have an insight of this project. In different projects that you undertake, our experts will provide you with assistance throughout the life cycle.

Important features of online classes

Well-designed manuals, practice exercises, in-depth study materials and laboratories help participants to learn fast. If you have a time constraint, you can even opt for QlikView online training in Hyderabad. Flexible timing of these sessions has proved to be beneficial for professionals. Few important features of our training programs are

  • You can opt for different demo classes depending on your convenience.
  • Every session can be recorded, so that you can listen to it or refer as and when needed.
  • There is a provision of fast track, normal track and weekend online training programs.

Get leverage with this course

The emphasis of this training program is to improve the dexterity of professionals. In our training program, we do not teach you only the methods of using the software. We help participants in the implementation of this knowledge in real time scenario and skill in dealing with customers. With our course, you can stay abreast of the industry guidelines and cater solutions in professional sphere based on the expectation. Apart from catering detailed information regarding data visualization and use of this software, we also help our participants in seeking employment in several corporates. Our experts will help you in preparing a resume and guide you in answering different interview questions.

Get all round guidance

Round the clock technical support by us helps our participants during and after the training program. Our participant can obtain our assistance even after completion of the training program. As per the recent trends with QuickView training there are high chances of obtaining a lucrative job. With our training, professionals can expect to cater a comprehensive solution in the arena of business intelligence.This software is a perfect replacement for different reports that often results in delays. Now, instead of using different reports and dashboards, you can use this software for fast and appropriate decision-making. To get a competitive edge in professional sphere enroll to our training program immediately.


QlikView ClassRoom Notes

History of QlikView:-

Qlikview of is the combination of ETL and reporting tool is introduced by 1993

Company:  quik TECM

ETL – Extract transform load

Qlik  means……




K- Knowledge


  •  Present version of Qlikview is 11.2 SR9
  • The company name also changing Qlik tech. in changing the year is 1996.
  •  Trail version of QlikView is the personal edition.
  • Licensed version of QlikView is desktop edition
  •  Qlikview is the Business intelligence tool

Existing tools:-

  RT                                     ETL

Cognos                            Informatics

Spot fire                            MSBI

Micro strategy

SAP_-BI                           Data stage


SSAS                                SAP-BO


QlikView files & servers:-


QVW  –  Qlikview work file

QVD    –   QlikView data file

QVX    –  QlikView exchange file

QVB    – QlikView batch

QVP    – Qlikview publisher

QVS    –   Qlikview server

QDS   –  QlikView distribution server

QVAP  –  Qlikview access point

QVMC  –  QlikView management console


Online process  – immediate process

Batch process    – scheduling process.


Qlikview architecture:-


1.    Qlikview desktop   –         developer is  work on

2.    Qlikview publisher  –        administrator

3.    Qlikview server     –          administrator

4.    Qlikview access point  –    business user


QlikView desktop:-

1.    Connecting to server

2.    Fetching data from server

3.    Transformation of data- functional keys

4.    Data model creation – synthetic keys, Circular reference


Qlikview Publisher:-

1.    Reloading (or) refreshing of data

QVB –       scheduling

QVB –       Triggering

we mostly go for scheduling


2.    Distribution of data:

a. one QlikView document into multiple QlikView

b. Document as per the user rights.

3.    Sending mails  – sending of mails, reloading & distribution of data will do by a publisher.


Qlikview server:-

1)    In- memory analytics

2)    Client-server communication

3)    QlikView management control – developer login  to the server

4)    Qlikview access point – client will be login into the server.

5)    Reading / writing to ACL –  [Access client link ]


Architecture overview:-

Types of keys:-

Primary key: – by using the primary key directly fetch the information.

Foreign key: – same record from primary key number of times

Composite key: – a combination of two or three fields to bring the information.

Perfect key:- unique value including null values



Types of tables:-

1.    Dimensional table: – it contains one primary key and relevant attributes to maintain business history

2.    Fact table:-

It contains set of foreign keys W.R.T to all the dimensions tables associated to it and fact information

Facts table are called as measures or numerical information

Fact and dimension tables will be interacted with help of primary key and foreign key relationship