Oracle Transportation Management Training in Hyderabad

Give Flight To Your Career With Oracle Transportation Management Training

Transportation Management is a technology that oversees the management and maintenance of transportation system of an organization or enterprise. The variety of aspects that a Transportation Management expert looks after includes logistics, planning, repair, and maintenance. He focuses on getting, people, goods, and materials from place to place while reckoning efficiency, cost, and safety. He is expected to take care of the financial facet of transportation systems like expenditure and budgets. Managers of transportation need to have specialized knowledge on topics such as planning methods, traffic operations, system maintenance, accounting, marketing, and statistics.

Prospects of employment in Oracle Transportation Management

A transportation management professional can seek jobs in a variety of related roles in private as well as the public sector with the primary task of managing the transportation systems of a business and its distribution networks. Transportation managers typically need a relevant bachelor’s or master’s degree with sufficient training in transportation and logistics management. Their eligibility and desirability for a job increase with ample experience in the field. There are some institutions and schools those offer distance and online Oracle Transportation Management training in Hyderabad. We are one of the most reliable and reputed trainers of Transportation Management, and our students are finding well-paid jobs in various sectors in the country as well as abroad.

There are good and lucrative career options open to a professional trained in transportation management. Our institution is the perfect starting point to launch your career in transportation management. As mentioned earlier, training from our institution can land you a job in both the private and government sectors. A lot of industries require meticulously planned strategies for transportation. There are government enterprises where transportation managers develop and implement efficient and cost-effective transportation plans. Depending on the role and responsibilities he has to take up, a transportation manager has the opportunity to earn quite a lot of money in this career.


You can apply your skills in some fields within the domain of transportation management:

•    Transportation Planner – As a transportation planner, you have to analyze the utility of transport system in a region or city and study its economic impact. You are expected to recommend and develop plans to address issues and discrepancies as and when they appear. As a transportation planner, you may find occupation in Government agencies or municipalities.

•    Logistics Specialist – You may have to take up the role of a logistics specialist with the military, government agencies or private enterprises. An expert in logistics has to deal broadly with the movement of equipment, supplies, and personnel. He has to oversee the general arrangement, coordination, and execution of these affairs.

•    Transit Operations Manager – Private companies and government agencies hire transit operations managers to build coordination among transport systems like bus routes and services related to private transportation. As a transit operations manager, you may have to work in both office ambiance and field environment. You are also expected to provide support and education to employees, the public, and executive management.

Oracle Transportation Management Online Training

Oracle Transport Management Suite

Oracle Transport Management is a set of application that provides the solution for some issues relating to the management of your company’s transportation system. It ensures a smooth running of your enterprise to get your products, services, equipment or personnel to their destination timely and in a cost effective way. It is important for the company to track its carrier related resources. It needs to take care of accurate billing and not overpay. The measurement and management of a company’s key performance indicators require a clear vision into its transportation operations.

Oracle Transport Management provides a unified solution to all these issues, however, large or small the problem may be. This suite supports every aspect of planning and execution, providing payment for service providers and shippers. The solution enables to minimize your cost, create automation of business and optimize service as well as profits, processes those are flexible within the global network of transportation and its logistics of the company. Oracle Transport Management’s award-winning and highly acclaimed analytics make it possible for monitoring and promptly respond and carry out alterations when and where required.

Several applications integrated into the Oracle Transport Management suite for various specializations are:

•    Oracle Fleet Management

•    Oracle Fusion Transportation Intelligence

•    Oracle Forwarding and Brokerage Operations

•    Oracle Logistics Inventory Visibility

•    Oracle Transportation Operational Planning

•    Oracle Freight Payment, Billing, and Claims

•    Oracle Transportation Cooperative Routing

•    Oracle Transportation Sourcing

What our institution offers

Our Institute gives you the best and most comprehensive Oracle OTM training in Hyderabad which prepares you for a bright career in different fields of transportation management. Some of the skills that you acquire from the courses we offer on transportation management are:

•    The ability to analyze requirements of business both in functional and technical terms by conducting sessions for gathering information.

•    Capacity to perform required configuration in Oracle Transport Management as per business requirements.

•    The skills for creating and implementing integration strategy and approach for OTM.

•    The ability to develop PL/SQL stored methods to support and adhere to business rules.

•    The ability to build and lead a team of professionals to address, analyze and find solutions for various transportation and logistics issues.

•    Skills to assist project managers with the daily technical management of deliverables by vendors and to ensure meeting customer demands and SLA.

At our institution, we offer our students options of instructor-led virtual classes as well as self-paced OTM online training modules that they can avail by their requirements and convenience. If you already have a basic knowledge and understanding of transportation and logistics processes, you would not want to miss out on the prospect of taking your career to new heights with a training of Oracle Transport Management. Professionals who can benefit from the training are Functional Implementers, End Users, Project Managers and Technical Consultants. With a bit of experience in the relevant field and a comprehensive training of OTM gives you the opportunity to give wings to your career. Take help of experts in the area for better understanding of the domain. Choose your career option wisely for bright future.