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Oracle Identity and Access Management is a set of product that enables companies and enterprises to automate and manage the lifecycle of user identities from end to end. It also provides secure and systematic access to assets and resources of the enterprise. The first product in this bunch, which is known as Oracle Internet Directory, was launched by the company in the year 1999. Since then, Oracle Corporation has developed and introduced several features of identity and access management which were integrated with the product stack of Oracle. These features include secure directory administration, directory synchronization and a Web single sign-on service. In the years 2005 and 2006, Oracle Corp made some strategic acquisitions through which, the company further upgraded its offerings in terms of identity and access management.

In other words, the Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite deals with access privileges and manages user identities within an organization. It also looks after the general protection of data and information within the system. It saves critical applications, systems and data from access by any unauthorized entity and manages identity and rights of access for people both within and outside the enterprise or organization.

Prospects after training of Oracle Identity Manager Training in Hyderabad

Students aspiring to take oracle identity and access management training in Hyderabad may get well-paid jobs in security services consulting companies where identity and access management comprises of data protection of assets.The job also entails implementation of standards for procurement and processes, while also helping in running the business intelligently. The job may deal with the effectiveness and efficiency of controls, they're working in an intelligent way and aligning them with business processes for effectual solutions.

They may also find jobs in the financial sector. Identity and Access management play the huge role in meeting the standards of effectual data security of a financial institution. Identity management is a highly complex domain.  With increasing significance and demand for identity and access management, there are ample openings for individuals, who have taken oracle OIM training, in both public and private sectors which include technology companies, professional services for the government, financial services etc. Aspirants may expect a good package and foreign posting or tours in this field. In general, engineers associated with security vendor firms and professionals at a senior consulting designation draw the highest salaries in this sector.

Oracle Identity And Access Management Training

Roles and responsibilities

The role of an identity and access management expert is usually taken care of by an IT system administrator of senior grade who has comprehensive knowledge of regulatory compliance. These professionals oversee the day to day activities and operations of the organizations. These may include:

•    The provisioning user changes and also de-provisioning the same.

•    Maintenance of infrastructure for identity management technology.

•    Management of user store integration and applications within the system.

•    Creating and maintaining an interface with Help Desk.

•    Integration of applications in the future.

•    Patch management and up-gradations.

How we train you

Our training programmes are designed to provide you with a comprehensive oracle IDM training in Hyderabad. You have the provision of e-learning through our student friendly virtual classes. We have on board teachers and instructors who are highly experienced and proficient in the field of identity and access management. There are various learning programmes on offer. You can choose any one depending on the topic in which you need training and also the mode of study. You can also choose from our self-paced modules which you can learn according to your convenience and need.

With us, you will learn the key skills required in the domain of identity and access management. You will acquire a holistic knowledge of how the system works and where to implement, innovate and optimize the use of identity and access management technology. With us, you will develop important skills like:

•    A strong comprehension and knowledge of Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, which is a client-server protocol that is used to access directory services.

•    Ability to handle, analyse and resolve complex problems.

•    The ability of managing multiple priorities and adapt promptly and rapidly to the changing business scenario.

•    The ability to balance regulatory needs and customer service and at the same time maintain confidentiality at various levels.

•    Very good communication skills both in verbal and written form and a great ability to build and lead a team.

•     The ability to effectually obtain and utilize fresh skill as response to some change.

•    Knowledge of regulatory compliance.

•    Efficiency in handling Identity management in terms of workflow processes and provisioning

•    Efficiency in dealing with Access management with regards to entitlements and authentication.

•    Maintenance of privacy and data security and assigning of database access.

We have several courses and modules in our oracle identity manager online training. We have different specialized courses designed for our students to learn identity provisioning development, system administration, privileged accounts management and the overall administration and implementation of IAM using Oracle Identity and Access Management suite. With us, you can learn all essential functioning of different versions of Oracle identity Manager, 10g and 11g. With the training of your choice or need you can secure your enterprise’s sensitive data and critical application and help bring down the operational costs. You can easily and efficiently handle user identity lifecycle in its entirety across all the resources of the organization.

Take a leap in your career

Training in Oracle Identity and Access Management can hugely benefit people in various related professions like business analysts, functional implementers, end users, sales consultants. System administrators, support engineers, technical administrators and consultants can reap advantages from the training we offer. A thorough knowledge of Oracle Identity and Access Management may prove to be the platform that gives huge boost to your career. If you have good understanding of Oracle WebLogic Server and Database and considerable familiarity with Linux-based environment, you do not want to waste your time and enrol for one of the state-of-the-art courses we have designed for you. Come and brighten your career prospects with a comprehensive knowledge of Oracle Identity and Access Management. Get adequate information on the industry before opting to take up this career. An expert professional can guide you in this arena.

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