Oracle Apps Technical  Training In Hyderabad

Our team of reliable oracle training experts, from RCP Technologies, helps in offering real time placement focused courses on Oracle Apps. Our courses include the basic level to advanced stage and these are designed to avail proper placement in multinational companies. Just after completion of our oracle training certified courses, availing jobs is an easy step to follow. You have the liberty to avail hands on experience from experienced working professionals and certified experts. We have made it a point to designed oracle application course syllabus and also content based on the prospective students and what they expect from a good training institution. There are some practical courses available too, apart from theoretical classes.

Time and duration

There is mainly 25 sessions and duration of each session is of 1 hour. In this hourly rate, people will come to know more about Oracle Application Training. Defined as the best Oracle Apps Technical  training in Hyderabad, we ensure to be by your side from start till end, unless you are completely satisfied with the service. Listed below, are the major modules or technical content course, meant for you.

Introductory note to ERP

  • Basic definition of ERP and with the overview of popular versions of ERPs
  • Comparison of applications with some of the other available ERPs
  • AIM document standards and app architecture
  • OA database structure and proper usage of TOAD

Various types of roles

There are primary four major forms of roles, which you are likely to come across, while dealing with Oracle Apps Technical  training, as a novice. Those four major roles are listed below, under different parameters:

  • Technical consultant with amazing roles
  • Functional consultant with proficient roles
  • Oracle apps DBA service with additional roles
  • Technical and functional consultant with related roles

App objects library

  • AOL or Application object library
  • System administrative servicing areas
  • Definition of app user and assigning some responsibilities to employees
  • AOL meaning along with its related components
  • WHO columns and creating responsibilities
  • Request for group creation and menu creation

Development of this Oracle application

  • Definition of concurrent programs and with parameters
  • Working with various multiple concurrent programs
  • Concurrent values on program incompatibilities
  • Creation of different request set
  • Default types and available value sets

Proficient registration of customized objects

There are three basic divisions, in customized object category of  Oracle Apps Technical  online training, as listed below. These can be further divided into small packages, for availing promising results.

  • Report registration service
  • Proficient use of AD_DD packages with the main aim to register database components as in AOL
  • Proper registration of table

Important sessions to follow

For providing the better understanding of our available training sessions, we have created some training contents. These are available under different module names:

Module 1:

  • Definition of ERP
  • Types of available data
  • Introductory note to oracle application

Module 2:

  • Functional roles and consultant
  • Technical roles and consultant
  • DBA with following roles
  • Various forms of projects

Module 3:

  • Architecture of oracle app
  • Database structure and with introductory note to rice components

Module 4:

  • AOL and system administration
  • Definition of app user with responsibilities
  • Creation of some responsibilities
  • FND tables and understands AOL with available components

Module 5:

  • Table registration of Oracle app
  • AD_DD package
  • Procedures of registering database tables in the available AOL module

Module 6:

  • Report registration and AOL module
  • Executable creation and definition of concurrent programs
  • Creating any form of request groups
  • Relevant application for AOL module

Module 7:

  • Registering to parametric report in available AOL module
  • Introductory note to report parameters
  • Various forms of parameters and create value set
  • Types of value set to default

Module 8:

  • Proficient development of any report from the start like clients wants
  • Defaulting report style
  • Customizing of standardized reports

Module 9:

  • Introductory note to forms
  • Form registration method in the field of oracle application

Module 10:

  • Creation of functions in AOL module
  • Creating new menu
  • Oracle application default menus

Different divisions under conversions

Conversion plays a pivotal role when the main concern lies with Oracle Apps Technical  training institutes in Hyderabad, which make people incline towards this service, accordingly. From us, you will get to know more about the overviews, as related to conversions and also the available difference between conversions and interfaces. Moreover, our team of expert professionals is also going to help you to work with the staging script o table and develop some amazing validation packages. There are some basic standards available, which need to be followed, while in conversion solutions. All these standards are now mentioned by professionals, who are related to this segment for more than a decade now.

More about discoverer tool

Discoverer tool is another plus point while dealing with oracle application training session. Through our discoverer tool, you will get to know more about the introductory note of this tool and discoverer administrator. Moreover, if you are lucky enough, you will also get to know more about proficient steps to create EUL and business areas. There are some other amazing subjects, which are also incorporated with this package. Those are discoverer desktop and creation of wok books.

You have the liberty to ask our professionals about any queries, as related to this field. Moreover, you will also get to come across with conversion projects, which are incorporated in the same course. For any more additional knowledge, our hotline number is available 24 hours in a day and 7 days, in a week. Just get acquainted with us immediately, and you will get to know more about Oracle Apps Technical  online training in Hyderabad, without going through any problem or hassle.

Reliable professionals for your help

We ensure to appoint only reliable professionals for our job. They are not just learned in the field of Oracle application, but you can ask them for any queries, related to oracle programming language. These professionals are also helpful in offering you with the practical hands-on training session if needed. You are devoid of paying any extra money for that, as, for some packages, these training are already included with the chosen option. These training sessions are available online to match the growing needs and demands of customers.


Oracle Apps Technical Classroom Notes:


ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

E-Machine, Companies, Time, Man



Oracle Applications is one of the ERP Tool, we have different type of Tools

1. SAP

2. Micro soft ERP

3. JD Ed wards

4. People soft


Major Clients like






They are implemented oracle applications software for their business transactions, when the clients want to implement the oracle applications then client will interact with the S/W developers company like IBM, INFOSYS, WIPRO, GENPACT, MANINDRA, SATYAM, ……

 To implements the oracle applications, three consultants are required

1. Oracle Apps Functional Consultant

2. Oracle Apps Technical Consultant

3. Oracle DBA

1. Oracle Apps Functional Consultant:-

The IBM Manager (or) developers sent oracle applications consultants to the ‘HUTCH’ Client locations when he reached in the client locations he will understand the below things (or) Points

i. Analyzation Business requirement

ii. Understanding Business Functionality

iii. Understanding the daily Business transactions

iv. Understanding the Materials & items of different categories

v. Understanding the Multiple Organization and set of books(Currency, Calendar, Charts, graphs and Account)

vi. Understanding employee information of the company like



*Increments …….etc

vii. Gathering the business relate a documents

viii. We have to analysis gap B/W old S/W to new S/W

ix. Analyzation of multi-organization structure, in case, if he wants to start his business in another country

x. Preparation BR 100, MDO 50,CV040, TEO10, …..etc

xi. Preparation of user training documents

xii. The functional consultant will send document MDO50, CVO40, documents to develop the component as per business requirements

xiii. Understanding the business functionalities setups, data flow diagrams, gaps analysis

BR100 – Business Requirements

MDO50 – Module Documents

CVO40 – Conversions

TEO10 – Testing documents

xiv. Interactive with Clients

2. Oracle Apps Technical Consultant:-

i. Receiving the functional design documents from the functional consultant like MDO50, CVO40 …..

Through mail (lotus notes (or) Micro soft outlook)

ii. Understanding the MDO50, CVO40, documents. If we have any issues in this, documents then we will dieses with the functional consultant either “Telephonic conversions or mail and chanting”.

iii. After completion of issues, we will prepare the technical design documents MDO70, CVO60, MDO20, MDO/20

R –Reports –MDO70


C-Conversions – CVO60

E –Extensions FROMS_MDO70_EF

iv. After approving this documents with the functional consultant then we will start development of RICEF Components developments / customization.

v. Writing the packages, Procedures, functions SQL Queries, SQL *load EAM SQL reports and developments / customize for files log forms

vi. Moving application related(Value sets, Concurrent programs, executables, request, groups, profiles, flex fields) from one instance to another instance using FND load command MDORO) like development instance to test instance and test instance to production to the reporting manager

3. Oracle Apps Database administrator (DBA):-

1. Installation oracle applications software either client or components developments location(off share or ON site)

2. Changing the date from one instance to another instance development / Test /Production

3. Applying the patches

4. interacting with the functional and technical consultants or user when they raised request for any system or S/W problems ETX tools

5. Creation of responsibilities, user names, security, Backup maintains